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Why EA Sears?

We are a professional firm of CPA’s helping small to medium businesses achieve their financial and business goals. We offer friendly personalised service to meet the ongoing needs of our clients.

We are a proactive firm that offers more than just preparing income tax returns! We actively give high value business advice to our clients. Operating in various industries including: legal, medical, graphic arts design, primary production, financial services, manufacturing, retail, computer consultants (IT), property development (including real estate agents) and investment – we have many longstanding clients who appreciate our creative and innovative, yet practical solutions that improve profitability, and business outcomes.

The team at EA Sears Business Consultants can assist you with:

Prior to commencing the practice over 27 years ago, the principal Eric Sears came from a major Sydney CBD accounting firm and has kept the best elements of those practices (without the high price tag!), whilst personalising those services for our clients.  For the benefit of our clients, Eric actively participates in all client work ensuring the highest possible standard of work for you.

Eric is an authorised representative of Interprac Financial Planning Pty Limited AFSL number 246638.

Providing professional courteous services in a timely manner to best service our client’s needs, is what we do – and it’s what we do really well! With a team of fully qualified CPA’s and accredited financial planners, we can assist you with everything from business and financial advice, wealth creation, superannuation, tax preparation and minimisation, through to the basics like bookkeeping.
- Eric Sears, Founder & Director, EA Sears Business Consultants

Call us on 02 9482 9777, or email us at info@searsconsult.com.au for an initial no obligation discussion.

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